We supply and install Securguard Safes due to their quality, competitively priced, and comply with the recommended insurable ratings. Whether it’s for home or businesses, we have a safe to protect your belongings from theft and fire.

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The 251E is an afffordably priced and easy to use safe.

  • Built from heavy steel plate with concealed internal hinges to offer you a high level of protection.
  • Mechanical override for digital lock.
  • Dual solid bolts made of heavy duty steel.
  • Programmable master code and user code.
  • Four 12mm holes are provided in base or/and back panel for fixing with bolts (Anchor Bolts included).
  • Built in safeguards against tampering – if any incorrect code is keyed in more than three consecutive times, the safe will
  • automatically stay locked.
  • External battery power supply.
  • Easy to read / touch – sensor panel with 4 finger activation for added security.

251E Ext Dimensions: Height 250mm x Width 350mm x Depth 250mm

301E Ext Dimensions: Height 300mm x Width 380mm x Depth 300mm


The Medium and Large safes are the next level in protection from the standard 251E safe with a superior locking system and fire resistant. Fire resistant safes perfect for your home and office.


  • High security, fire resistant safes with attractive and compact design
  • 1 hour fire protection certified by SP NT-Fire 017 60P, UL Class 350 1 hour, KS 1 hour (Furnace Temperature: 945ºC)
  • Two hefty ø 16 (5/8”) solid chrome plated locking bolts
  • One stationary locking bolt on hinge side to deter prying attack on hinges
  • Convenient plastic tray (+ Adjustable shelf for model 031D)
  • Pre-drilled anchor hole.

Medium Safe:

External Dimensions Height 344mm x Width 424mm x Depth 388mm

Internal Dimensions Height 245mm x Width 325mm x Depth 260mm

Large Safe:

External Dimensions Height 520mm x Width 410mm x Depth 445mm

Internal Dimensions Height 415mm x Width 305mm x Depth 320mm


  • Built from heavy steel plate with concealed internal hinges to offer you a high level of protection.
  • Heavy 8mm steel plate door and 6mm steel plate safe body reinforced with heavy steel frame all around front edges.
  • Quality UL listed swing bolt electronic digital safe lock mounted on 6mm case hardened steel plate. Secondary re-locking device. 25mm solid locking bolts.
  • Mounting: 4 x 12mm mounting holes in base.
  • Powder coated hammer tone sliver finish.
  • Programmable 30 user codes (including two management codes) plus emergency codes. Two security levels.
  • Programmable time delay up to 99 minutes.
  • Errant access lockout feature.
  • External battery – hook on key pad. One 9 volt Alkaline battery (very low battery consumption).
  • Metal key pad housing.
  • Bright LCD screen display – guide you through all the programming procedures, and shows current battery voltage.
  • Dual Mode
  • External Dimensions: Height 300mm x Width 350mm x Depth 250mm


An inexpensive solution to not having to change your lock system to a keyless entry system, the KeySafe allows you to simply secure your keys so you don’t have to carry them with you.

The 5 Key Wall-mount Keysafe Lock Box attaches simply to any wall or flat surface with 4 internal screws. We also stock the 5 “padlock” Keysafe that can be attached to any surface that can secure the shackle


  • This compact keysafe lock box securely holds 5 keys.
  • The interlocking faceplate prevents tampering and unauthorized access.
  • Ideal for the elderly to allow emergency service access.