Keys & locks

Keys & locks

  • Are the locks on your doors secure enough?
  • Do you need window locks?
  • Would like to only carry around one key rather than lots of keys for different locks?
  • Are your locks compliant with the relevant fire regulations?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, call us for a free security assessment and we will be there within 24 hours or less to determine how best to secure your property (T: 02 9389 8543 E:

Your premise is only as secure as the locks on your doors and windows. Call us for a free security assessment to determine how best to secure your property. We stock all major brands and we are exclusive dealers of KABA high security keys.

Locksmithing services include:

  • Deadlocks – Insurance and fire rated for your doors
  • Window Locks – Insurance rated for patios and windows
  • High Security Key System – virtually unpickable
  • Master Key Systems – 1 to 10,000 locks and keys
  • Key Cutting
  • Car Keys with transponder chips (90% of car keys can be duplicated)
  • Safe Sales and Service


Restricted master key systems provide the convenience and security that many customers demand.

We use patented LG and Kaba keying systems, which are custom designed to suit situations where access to authorised areas must be restricted and controlled.

The benefits of a restricted keys are as follows:

  • You have complete control as only the authorised person(s) can allow keys to be cut
  • Restricted keys are a higher security than standard keys
  • Offer high protection against picking and bumping
  • From 1 to 1000+ doors
  • Ideal for strata, commercial and home


We cut and copy most (90%) automotive transponders car keys with no need for you to go to the manufacturer or dealer.

With our Automotive Transponder device we can make a new set of your car keys to match the Immobliser Technology built in.

Our prices start at $160 per key. Pop in and see if we can duplicate your key with our diagnostic device.


Deadlocks are you first line of defence for domestic and commercials applications.

They are rekeyable to suit most common keys AND restricted keys.

They are superior quality at a great price. They are available in double cylinder AND cylinder & turn.

Fire rated for strata installations.


High security double cylinder deadbolt suitable for external timber doors.


Commercial and Residential knobsets and leversets with the following functionality:

Entrance Set

  • Inside – has a push button on the inside to lock door (can always open from the inside)
  • Outside – always locked when shut (except if inside button not in lock position). Need key to open from outside if locked.

Classroom Set

  • Inside – always free to open on inside (no key hole or push button)
  • Outside – Door can be left unlocked or locked (outside only) – Need key to open from outside if locked. Need key to lock and unlock from outside

Vestibule Set

  • Inside – always free to open on inside (no key hole or push button)
  • Outside – always locked when shut. Need key to open from outside

All locksets come in light duty and heavy duty / fire rated models. Heavy duty used when we upgrade to restricted LG or Kaba lock systems.


Commercial and Residential leversets also come with the above functionality.


Mortice locks are a lock that are fitted into the door. Lever mortice locks (2,3 & 5 lever- the more levers the higher the security) are technically deadlocks as key can be used from both side. These usually use a “jailer” or longer mortice key. Common brands are Chubb, Jackson, Legge, and Lane.

Mortice locks can also be fitted with standard and restricted key systems. Most have the ability to have many different functions by changing the CAM on the back of the cylinder, or adding custom handles.


Carbine window locks offer a high level of security with modular design. This makes them a leader in their field.

Features :

  • Designed to suit most aluminium sliding windows
  • Allow window to be locked open
  • Key alike all window and patio bolts (use one key for multiple locks)

Available in the finishes of black, brown, silver & white


The Multi Bolt Lock is a versatile, high security window lock with modular design.

Features :

  • Designed to suit a variety of window applications (including sash and push out windows)
  • Easily rekeyable to other window locks
  • Bolt can be locked through a front or side projection
  • Lock window in open position

Available in the finishes of black, brown, brass, silver & white


Patio Bolt Features:

  • Suitable for use on sliding, inward opening and French style doors
  • Easily rekeyable
  • Fixing screws located under the locking bolt with no need for tamper proof screws
  • Door can be locked in the open & closed position
  • Bolt can easily be removed for handing
  • High quality metal internal mechanism

Available in finishes of black, bright chrome, brown, brass, silver & white


An inexpensive solution to not having to change your lock system to a keyless entry system, the KeySafe allows you to simply secure your keys so you don’t have to carry them with you.

The 5 Key Wall-mount Keysafe Lock Box attaches simply to any wall or flat surface with 4 internal screws. We also stock the 5 “padlock” Keysafe that can be attached to any surface that can secure the shackle


  • This compact keysafe lock box securely holds 5 keys.
  • The interlocking faceplate prevents tampering and unauthorized access.
  • Ideal for the elderly to allow emergency service access.


The Keysafe Pro is similar to the Keysafe 5 key except that it’s larger and comes with a durable rubber cover.

The larger version KeySafe Pro holds credit card size Access Cards and multiple keys



The Lockwood Digital DX Locksets provide easy to use mechanical keyless entry for commercial and domestic applications (installations) no wiring or batteries required. The factory set code is easily changed to any code using the code changing kit provided with each lock. Lockwood Digital DX Locksets are designed to control access into commercial areas, especially when frequent combination changes are needed to maintain security.